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Rawlings Gold Glove Club July 2021 HoH 11.75'' PRO315-13BCO


The Glove of the Month for July 2021 is a 11 ¾” model that features a new modified single post web and that is perfect for middle infielders looking for a deeper single post design. We have added hand-sewn welting to this model for un-matched comfort. With camel continuing to trend in the marketplace we are excited to see the feedback on this model and we hope you enjoy.

  • 11 ¾" PRO31 pattern is ideal for infielders
  • Modified Single Post Web enables an easier close and quicker break-in
  • Constructed from Rawlings’ world-renowned Heart of the Hide® steer hide leather
  • Features an eye-catching ColorSync optic yellow and black embroidered patch logo
  • Hand Sewn Welt for added comfort in the thumb and pinky