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Catchers Mitts

About Catchers Mitts

Catcher’s Mitts and gloves are also made with a deep pocket design with extra padding to cushion the constant hits of pitches, fastballs in particular. The webbing is usually always closed for a better and more assured catch with minimal bounce or chance of injury.

Materials and Features to consider when buying Catcher’s Mitts  

Materials to consider when buying a new Catchers mitt:

  • Synthetic Leather Gloves - A light and supple option. Easy closure with hardly any “break-in” time.
  • Cowhide and Leather mix gloves - Slightly heavier than synthetic leather, this is a good option for youth and teenage players as it is not too heavy and stiff.
  • High-end Steerhide gloves - A heavier alternative but with the heavier weight comes increased durability.
  • Kip leather gloves - A softer leather that doesn’t need as much break-in time. A lighter alternative to other leather gloves made of a material such as cowhide. 
  • Full Grain Leather gloves - The most popular material in professional gloves and mitts. High performance with high durability.

Glove and Mitt Features to consider:

  • Webbing - If you are a catcher then closed webbing is probably best for your game, for the more secure catch.
  • Palm Protection - Depending on your position you will want additional padding, especially if you are a catcher, constantly dealing with fast pitches.
  • Heel Protection - Extra protection to defend the bottom of your hand from hard or fast pitches.
  • Lacing - What kind of shape of mitt do you need being a catcher? How stiff and deep do you need your glove for the best catch?
  • Glove Hinge - This lets you access your glove with ease.
  • D- Ring fastener - This allows you to make adjustments to your glove’s lacing so you can find the perfect fit for your role on the field.