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Softball Glove - Mitts for fastpitch and slowpitch softball

To play the game well you have to feel comfortable and be confident in your gear. At Baseball 360, we carefully select our gear to hold only the best quality products. It's important to know that softball gear differs from baseball gear because a softball is bigger. This is especially important for gloves, and the difference in size of the ball causes a lot of differences between the two sports’ gloves.


Fastpitch softball vs. slowpitch softball 

Fastpitch and slow-pitch softball differ in one way, and that is the way that the ball is thrown. In fastpitch softball, the ball is thrown straight or in a windmill motion across the plate.  Whereas in slow-pitch softball, the ball is thrown in an arch at a moderate speed so that the batter can hit the ball. 

Gloves are pretty interchangeable for both of these methods to play the game. However baseball and softball gloves are not! Because of the difference in the size of the ball, softball requires bigger gloves and a baseball glove simply won't offer good performances.  There is one position where the softball mitt  fundamentally differs between slow and fastpitch. 

Softball catcher’s mitt

In fast-pitch softball, the ball comes at the catcher at an average speed of 70 mph. This means that their hands are in constant harsh contact with the ball. They need to have strong padding to protect the hand sufficiently and reduce the risk of injury. 


Fastpitch glove characteristics

The fastpitch glove is designed with a bigger pocket to catch flying softballs easily. The bigger pocket is also important when playing softball as the ball itself is bigger than the baseball ball. There is more padding to ensure fewer injuries when catches are made.


Slowpitch softball glove characteristics

Slowpitch does not require the same amount of padding, however the pocket is also big because of the size of the softball.  If you are giving a gift, base yourself on the position of the player to decide whether you choose a fastpitch or a slowpitch glove!

Softball gloves and mitts brands

At baseball360, we have some of the best quality softball mitts and gloves on the market from some of the best manufacturers in the game, such as:

Use your favourite brand’s glove to feel comfortable and confident while playing your game. When you are used to a brand, it is always suggested that you stick with it. If you don't know where to start and how to choose the right glove or which brand, contact one of our employees to help you narrow down the options and guide you towards the best choice. 


A softball glove is an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for junior players! 

Gift a new softball glove to a young (or old!) amateur of the sport that would love to get a new addition to their gear. As hands grow, junior players need to upgrade their softball gloves and mitts to match their needs. As they grow old, the game also becomes faster paced, intense and powerful, which requires proper equipment. Offer a new softball glove to your beloved friend or family member! 


Tips on how to clean, maintain and care for your softball glove

Softball gloves are made out of leather. You can clean them by dampening a piece of cloth with (unscented) soap water. In no condition should you ever have to soak your glove entirely! Use  a towel (you might need more than one) to entirely soak up all excess water if there is any. Leave the glove in an area where it can dry properly. You can always place it in an area where there is constant air flow, such as next to a fan or next to a window that is north facing (no sun). 

When the glove is completely wet, it becomes stiff and hard to play with again. If your glove has been soaked after a rainy game, we suggest you pat it dry entirely and as much as possible. Then you place it in an area where it can dry (not in sunlight). While it dries, place a baseball in the pocket of your glove with an elastic around it to keep the shape around the ball. When it is dry, rub some glove softener with a cloth and leave it to dry for 24 hours. After this process, your glove should be back on track to be usable. 

Bags and accessories for gloves

After your game or your practice, we always suggest that you keep your glove in a separate compartment away from wet clothes. When you arrive home, always remove the glove from the bag and let it dry out.

Visit our site to view our bags with specific glove compartments. We also have products to help maintain the exterior and interior of your glove(s)!