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Composite Baseball Bats

Looking for a baseball bat with a larger sweet spot? Sick and tired of mishits stinging your hands? Look no further than Baseball360, where we offer only the best and most affordable composite baseball bats in Canada! Offering different composite baseball bats in varying materials and styles, we have the composite bats for you!

About Our Composite Baseball Bats

Composite baseball bats are made out of layered materials, usually carbon fiber, and thus are lighter than some other baseball bats. Since the material is lighter, it can be stretched out longer than some other baseball bats without increasing the swing weight, and because the barrel of the composite baseball bat is longer it allows for a larger sweet spot (which is where you can contact a baseball on your bat and have a positive hit result). 

Due to the majority of composite baseball bats being made from two-piece designs, composite baseball bats are very good at breaking up sting and hand vibrations when the baseball bat makes contact with a ball during a pitch. Composite baseball bats are also known to have better trampoline effects than some other types of baseball bats, which simply means when the baseball is in contact with the composite baseball bat, the bat flexes slightly, transferring energy into the baseball and allowing for farther hits. Some composite baseball bats even have an improved trampoline effect over time once you “break them in”. The trampoline effect is greater in composite baseball bats due to its “double wall” layered construction. 

Who should use a Composite Baseball Bat?

Like almost any piece of equipment in baseball, ultimately it is all up to preference. However, composite baseball bats are known to be the popular go-to option for both softball players and power hitters in baseball. Due to the fact that composite baseball bats are lighter than some of their peers, topping it off with an excellent trampoline effect, power hitters tend to gravitate towards composite baseball bats because of their ability to produce higher swing speeds and ball speed on contact. Power hitters are usually found in the middle of the batting order, and often find themselves in game-changing situations. If you have excellent baseball bat swing speed, hit the ball hard and far with strength, or are gearing up to be a future power hitter, then composite baseball bats are the baseball bats for you!