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Infield Gloves

About Infield Gloves

Infield gloves have five finger spaces and usually have open webbing. They are also more shallow than other gloves, with the shallower pocket and open-style webbing you can release the ball and throw it a lot faster than the deeper glove of the catcher. Some basemen may go for a glove that is deeper or more cushioned to cope with the harder fastballs used to put the opposition players out when they are going for the next base.

Materials and Features to consider when buying Infield Gloves and Mitts  


Materials to consider when buying a new infield glove or mitt:

  • Synthetic Leather Gloves - A lightweight and flexible option. 
  • Cowhide and Leather mix gloves - Heavier than the synthetic leather gloves but not as heavy as some of the more superior leathers. 
  • High-end Steerhide gloves - A heavier option but with the weight comes durability. 
  • Kip leather gloves - A softer made leather that doesn’t need as much break-in time. 
  • Full Grain Leather gloves - This is the most popular material in pro gloves.

Glove and Mitt Features to consider:

  • Webbing - Do you need open or closed webbing for your ball game? 
  • Palm Protection - Depending on your position you may want extra padding.
  • Heel Protection - More padding to save the bottom of your hand.
  • Lacing - What shape suits you best? 
  • Glove Hinge - This allows for easier access to the glove.
  • D- Ring fastener - This allows you to tighten up and loosen up your glove’s lacing.