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LS Fast Pitch Xeno 1st Base 13'' LSWTLXNRF17BM

$82.00 USD

You know the Xeno name from it being one of the best fastpitch softball bats on the field over the past few seasons. Now, Louisville Slugger introduces the Xeno name to their newest line of performance fastpitch softball gloves! The Xeno Black Fastpitch Series is performance made beautifully! Xeno Black Series gloves are made from Slugger's premium grade GroundOut Leather that is oil-treated for a soft feel but provides long-lasting shape and structure. The team at Louisville Slugger knows just how important it is to have the right equipment, so they've specifically designed each one of the Xeno Black Series gloves for female players with a slightly smaller wrist opening and narrower finger stalls. This attention to detail puts the players in complete control! Not only are these gloves functional, but they're some of the most comfortable gloves on the market with their Embossed Lycra Enhanced Wrist Openings, Nash Finger Linings that wick away moisture, and Bruise-Gard Palm Padding that eliminates virtually all sting on the catch.

  • 13-Inch Pattern
  • H-Web
  • Bruise-Gard Padding - Adds Extra Protection by Absorbing Ball Impact
  • Embossed Lycra Enhanced Wrist Opening - Creates an Extremely Comfortable Fit
  • GroundOut Leather - Premium Grade Oil-Treated Leather for a Soft Feel and Long-Lasting Shape
  • Louisville Slugger Exclusive Fastpitch Fit - Narrower Finger Stalls and Smaller Wrist Openings Optimized for the Female Player
  • Nash Finger Linings Wick Away Moisture
  • XENO Purple Trapunto Leather Accents