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Baseball Gloves and Mitts

Baseball Glove Brands 

The baseball glove or mitt as they are also called are crucial pieces of equipment for any baseball player. Gloves and mitts come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on your hand size, age and field position. Here at Baseball360, we have quality baseball gloves and mitts from all the top brands. Shop from brands such as:

No matter if you if you are looking for adult or youth gloves we have it all from these top baseball brands. Don’t forget to check your glove is best suited for you before buying it as some brands make gloves specifically for certain ballplayer positions.

What type of glove or mitt is best for you?

You need to make sure when purchasing a baseball glove that it is the perfect one for you. Factors that determine what glove is best for you are things such as your age, your hand size, and where on the field you play. Your position on the ball field is the biggest deciding factor on which glove is ideal for you. Choose mitts for any position at Baseball360.

  • Infield Baseball Gloves - Infield gloves have five fingers and usually come with open webbing. They are also shallower than other gloves, with the shallow pocket and open webbing you can release the ball and throw it a lot quicker than, for example, the deeper glove of the catcher. Some basemen may go for a glove that is slightly deeper or has more of a cushion to deal with the faster and harder balls used to put opposition players out. 
  • Outfield Baseball Gloves - Outfield gloves are made a lot deeper and also longer than infield gloves and mitts. Being made this way gives the outfield ballplayers extra reach and allows them to catch balls out of the air. Depending on how you play, you can opt for the more open webbing to get the ball out of the mitt and thrown away quicker or you can go for the tighter-stitched webbing for a more secure catch.
  • Pitcher’s Gloves and Mitts - Pitchers gloves and mitts more times than not will have solid webbing. This is so the pitcher can hide his fingers from the hitter so the hitter won’t be able to tell what type of pitch he is going to throw next.
  • First Base Gloves and Mitts - First base gloves are slightly bigger as they have deeper pockets as part of their design which increases the chances of a more secure catch. They also have an oval, very rounded shape allowing them to scoop balls up out of the ground.
  • Catcher’s Gloves & Mitts - Catcher’s gloves and mitts also have a deeper pocket design with additional padding to cushion the constant barrage of pitches. The webbing is usually always solid for a better and safer catch.

Materials and Features to consider when buying Baseball Gloves and Mitts  

After finding the type of glove that is best for you, you must then find what materials and features are best suited for your style of play. You want something that is going to be comfortable for you but at the same time, you need it to be durable and perform.

Materials to consider when buying a new glove or mitt:

  • Synthetic Leather Gloves - A lightweight and flexible option. Easy to close with minimal “break-in” time so you are good to play straight away.
  • Cowhide and Leather mix gloves - Heavier than the synthetic leather but not as heavy as some of the more superior leathers. With a little break-in time, this is a good option for teenage players as it is a little heavier and firmer without being too heavy and stiff.
  • High-end Steerhide gloves - A heavy option but with the weight comes durability. Harder to break-in but a great option if you play a lot of games in a season as it will last.
  • Kip leather gloves - A softer leather that doesn’t need as much break-in time. A lighter alternative to cowhide leather gloves. This material is used in a lot of premium baseball gloves.
  • Full Grain Leather gloves - This is the most popular material in pro gloves and mitts. It performs great whilst being durable too. A heavy and frim glove that will require a larger break-in time.

Glove and Mitt Features to consider:

  • Webbing - Do you need open or closed webbing for your game? Are you looking to release the ball and throw it quickly or is the secure catch more important for your position?
  • Palm Protection - Depending on your position you may want more padding if you are on the end of constant fast or hard throws.
  • Heel Protection - Extra padding to save the bottom of your hand from hard or fastballs.
  • Lacing - What kind of shape suits you best? How stiff do you want your glove?
  • Glove Hinge - This allows for easy access to the glove.
  • Wrist Adjustments - This is not standard on gloves but is a great feature for getting a comfortable fit every time you wear your glove.
  • D- Ring fastener - This allows you to tighten and loosen your glove’s lacing so you can find the most comfortable fit.