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Baseball Sunglasses

Tired of having the baseball lost in the sun? Can’t quite see what your coach in the dugout is trying to tell you? Having a hard time spotting your friends in the crowd? Well squint no further with Baseball360’s premium selection of top tier baseball sunglasses!

About Baseball Sunglasses

Baseball sunglasses are sunglasses which are designed to stay on and help maintain peak performance and visibility during gameplay. Baseball sunglasses are primarily made from 5 main body pieces. These pieces would be the frame, lenses and lens colours, temple arms, nosepads, and earsocks. The frame is the largest piece of the sunglasses, holding it all together. Arguably one of the most important pieces, the lenses of baseball sunglasses are the key in giving the baseball player upright protection alongside better visibility. Lense colour aids in spotting the ball in varying conditions such as in grass, sunlight, clouds and sky, and can aid in deflecting ultraviolet light. The temple arms are the pieces that extend across the sides of your face and temple, and are either found to be straight pieces or curved pieces. 

How to choose baseball sunglasses

Baseball players generally tend to prefer straighter temple arms due to the tighter fit, but some baseball players have also been found to prefer more curved temple arms as they do not pinch the face as much. Consider which form of baseball sunglasses best serve you. The nose pads are the little pieces which sit on your nose. In baseball, baseball players tend to have rubber nose pads on their baseball sunglasses to prevent sliding and to aid in tracking the baseball itself, as well as due to the fact that rubber tends to be more comfortable than plastic. As for the earsocks, they tend to be rubber pieces themselves. Placed on the temple arms, the earsocks are mainly for support and comfort around the player’s ears.

Why should I wear sunglasses during baseball?

As briefly explained above, baseball sunglasses are sunglasses that are meant to stay on a player’s face. This means that in high speed situations, no matter the angle of the face, the baseball sunglasses should stay on. If you find yourself dropping pop flys because the baseball is lost in the glare of the sunlight, or find it blends in with the grass too well, or even if you are squinting because of wind too much, baseball sunglasses may just be the investment for you!