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Pitchers Gloves

About Pitchers Gloves

Pitchers gloves will usually have solid/closed webbing. This is so the pitcher can protect their fingers from being seen by the hitter so they won’t be able to tell what type of ball he is going to throw next. For example where they are going to aim and how fast they are going to throw the ball.

Materials and Features to consider when buying Pitchers Gloves and Mitts  

Materials to consider when buying a new Pitchers glove or mitt:

  • Synthetic Leather Gloves - A light and flexible option. Easy to close. 
  • Cowhide and Leather mix gloves - Heavier option to the synthetic leather with little break-in time.
  • High-end Steerhide gloves - A more heavy option but with more weight comes more durability.
  • Kip leather gloves - A softer leather with less break-in time. A light alternative to full cowhide leather mitts.
  • Full Grain Leather gloves - The most popular material in pro mitts. A heavy and frim glove that will perform but will require a bigger break-in time.

Glove and Mitt Features to consider:

  • Webbing - What type of webbing do you need for your ball game? Are you wanting to release the ball and throw it to a teammate quickly? 
  • Palm Protection - For some positions, you may want extra padding if you are constantly catching fast or hard-thrown balls.
  • Heel Protection - Additional padding to protect the bottom of your hand.
  • Lacing - What shape of mitt do you need? How firm do you need your glove?
  • Wrist Adjustments - This is a brilliant feature for getting a comfortable fitting glove every time you.
  • D- Ring fastener - This allows you to tighten your glove’s lacing so it will always be comfortable.