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Choose the Ideal Softball Bat

In order to play the game well, you have to equip yourself with the best gear out there! That is just what Baseball360 can offer you. Find the best softball bats on the market on our website.

Buy the Right Bat for Your Needs! 

Is your bat full of dents, burrs, cracks and sharp edges? That means it is time for you to buy a new one! We offer Softball bats that are certified, so find out which certifications your baseball bat needs to be used in your league and buy it at Baseball360! We have options for all players whether they be men and women. 


Learn More About Softball Slowpitch Bats and Fastpitch Bats 

Today, the most popular type of softball bats are made from composite material. Composite is a type of carbon fiber material and it brings the best of both worlds from metal and wooden bats. They are created to be the best quality-price ratio. 

Can you Play Softball with a Baseball Bat?

The answer is yes, you can play softball with a baseball bat. However, if you are part of a league, depending on the restrictions they may not allow you to play with a baseball bat.

When you use a baseball bat to play softball you have a disadvantage. Softball bats are shorter and heavier than baseball bats in order to hit the ball differently. Compared to softballs, baseballs are thrown differently and they have a different weight and size, which requires bats with different characteristics. 


How to Break-In a Slow-Pitch Softball Bat?

To break-in a softball bat you simply need to use it a lot before a game. We recommend that you take your bat to a batting range and hit it multiple times while turning it every couple hits. When you are sure that the surface of your bat has been hit it is a good start. Take the first swings nice and easy! As you go and hit the ball you can start to increase the intensity of your swings. 

If you have more questions about how to break-in your softball bats you can always contact one of our employees for information! 


Book a Batting Cage with Us to Break in Your Softball Bat

You can book a batting cage if you wish to break-in your softball bat with us! We have batting cages in Trois-Riviere and Quebec. Choose the city that is closest to you and come practice your swing with us. If you want help we even have experts on site that can help you finesse your swing. 


Advantage of choosing Baseball360

We select our employees to be well informed about these batting sports and help our clients make the best decisions. Baseball360 offers great customer service and we are proud to be able to answer any questions you may have. Our experts will be able to serve you and answer all of your concerns.