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Outfield Baseball Gloves



About Outfield Gloves

Outfield gloves are a lot deeper and also a lot longer than infield mites and gloves. The fact they are made this way gives the outfield players some extra reach and means they can catch balls out of the air. Depending on your style of play, you can go for the more open webbing to release the ball out of the glove and get it thrown away quicker or you can opt for the tighter-stitched more closed webbing for a more assured catch.


Materials and Features to consider when buying Outfield Gloves and Mitts  

Materials to consider when buying a new Outfield glove or mitt:

  • Synthetic Leather Gloves - Easy to close with less “break-in” time so you are good to play asap.
  • Cowhide and Leather mix gloves - With minimal break-in time, this is a good material for teenage players as it is heavier and firmer without being too heavy and firm.
  • High-end Steerhide gloves - Tougher to break in but a fantastic option if you play a lot in a season as it will last.
  • Kip leather gloves - A lighter option to cowhide leather gloves. 
  • Full Grain Leather gloves - A heavy and stiff glove that will require more break-in time.

Glove and Mitt Features to consider:

  • Webbing - Do you want to release the ball and throw quickly or is the assured catch more important in your position?
  • Palm Protection - Depending on your position you may want additional padding if you are receiving constant fast or hard balls.
  • Heel Protection - Extra padding to save the bottom of your hand from hard or fastballs.
  • Lacing - How stiff do you want your glove?
  • Glove Hinge - This allows for easier access to your glove.
  • Wrist Adjustments - This is not usually on gloves but is a great feature to add for getting a perfect fit every time you wear your glove.