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Baseball Umpire Gear

Rawlings Umpire Kit in a bag UMPKIT
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Rawlings Catchers Face Mask Black PWMX
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Rawlings Catchers Face Mask Black PWMX


$44.99 CAD

    • Black
    Wilson Umpire Dyna-Lite Mask STEEL
    Sold Out
    Wilson Umpire Steel Mask WTA3009XBLA
    Sold Out
    Rawlings Umpire Chest Protector UGPC
    Sold Out
    Diamond Umpire's Lite Leg Guards DLG-UMP
    Sold Outnew
    Wilson Umpire Dyna-Lite Mask Aluminium
    Sold Out
    Pro Stock Umpire Helmet Steel
    Sold Outnew
    Pro Stock Umpire Helmet Titanium
    Sold Outnew

    What gear does an umpire usually need?

    Umpire Gear is very similar to the gear a catcher would wear: A mask, helmet or hockey-style all-in-one head protection, a chest protector and leg guards.

    Mask or helmet - This will protect the umpire’s head and face from foul balls.

    Chest protector -This protects the umpire’s front torso area, shoulders, chest and abdomen. Detachable shoulder pads are good if you want to customize your fit of umpire gear for maximum comfort and security.

    Leg Guards - These will protect umpires legs from the top of their knee to the top their your foot from stray low balls.

    It is a good idea for umpires to also look for a catchers bag as all of the umpire’s equipment will struggle to fit into a normal carry bag.

    Umpires need protective gear to keep them safe from stray foul balls and wild fastballs as the pitchers don’t always have full control of where balls go and accidents can happen.

    Baseball Umpire Gear brands

    Shop Umpire Gear here at baseball 360 from the big brands such as Wilson and Rawlings. You can also check out our catcher’s equipment which stocks a lot of protective gear similar to that of umpires gear with masks, helmets, chest protectors and leg guards.