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BBCOR Baseball Bats

Louisville 2022 Solo-5 USSSA


$249.99 CAD

Easton BB20AL Alpha 360 BBCOR -3
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Louisville 2022 Meta 2 5/8 -3 BBCOR
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Easton BB19EL Elevate BBCOR -3
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Louisville 2022 Meta -5 USSSA
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Louisville 2022 Meta -5 USSSA


$359.99 CAD

DeMarini 2022 The Goods -5 USSSA
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Looking to hit farther than before? Searching for a way to hit back to back to back home runs? Well look no further than Baseball360’s selection of pristine and high quality BBCOR Baseball bats! Built to serve you infallibly during play, our selection of BBCOR Baseball bats is unmatched on the Canadian market!

About Our BBCOR Baseball Bats

BBCOR stands for “Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution”. It is a standard of baseball bats which regulates exactly how much energy is lost upon the baseball making contact with the baseball bat. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) have decided that 0.50 is the maximum value a BBCOR baseball bat could achieve when measured up to standard. The higher the number a baseball bat registers when tested, the more trampoline effect the baseball bat has. The value of 0.50, which is the cap that a BBCOR baseball bat can achieve under NFHS/NCAA standard, is slightly higher than the value a wood baseball bat can achieve. Typically, BBCOR baseball bats are made out of aluminum and alloy, although other materials can be used in the construction of BBCOR baseball bats too, such as carbon. To be able to identify a BBCOR baseball bat, simply look for the stamp below on your BBCOR baseball bat(s):

For a full list of BBCOR certified baseball bats, click here.

Why is there a BBCOR standard?

The previous baseball bat performance standard, BESR, was measured based off of the ratio which compares an incoming baseball pitch speed to that of the speed of the baseball coming off the barrel of the baseball bat. According to Division I college baseball statistics, under this standard there was a decent increase in offensive performances, notably home runs and runs scored. In part due to this increase, the safety of the pitchers themselves were put into question, as the increasing speeds of the baseballs coming off the baseball bats could potentially injure the players at such high speeds. This is why the BBCOR standard was introduced to baseball bats, which reduces the batted ball speed by up to 5% from the BESR standard. Furthermore, composite baseball bats under the BBCOR standard must be subjected to an Accelerated Break-In test (ABI) to ensure top performance, and to make sure that they meet the now regulation BBCOR standard for all BBCOR baseball bats.

Who should use a BBCOR Baseball Bat?

Any baseball league that follows NFHS and NCAA rules and regulations requires its players to use BBCOR certified baseball bats. Some younger divisions, such as those in the 11-14 year old age range, usually only ask for BBCOR standard baseball bats if the baseball bats are made out of composite materials. If you are unclear on your division’s rules on using BBCOR baseball bats, consider asking someone in charge or check their website.