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Baseball Batting Aids

Enhance your skills with batting aids

Whether you're playing junior baseball or semi-pro, batting aids are the perfect training tool for batters of any age or skill. From youth baseball to the MLB, batting aids help improve accuracy, control, bat speed, and overall swing.

Most batting aids are portable so you can easily take your batting practice anywhere. Here at baseball360, we have various batting aids including a tripod and solid base batting tees. With the right batting aids, you'll have that swing perfected in no time.


Bat like a professional baseball player

Achieving your perfect swing is the result of hard work and hours of training. Batting aids can help with this. Batting aids allow you to really focus on your swing without distraction. You can adjust your stance and also where you hit the ball as there is no pressure around you which also means you can test/train other aspects of your game or even your weaknesses.

It’s tough to always have a partner or coach around to throw the ball, which makes batting aids such as a hitting tee a great training partner. Practicing on your own time means you have a greater opportunity to perfect your bat swing through repetition. If you don’t want to constantly chase after balls either, buying a hitting net alongside your batting aids is always a good option.