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The Best Youth Baseball Cleats

Shop the newest and best youth baseball cleats for your kids here at Baseball360, from the biggest youth baseball brands such as Mizuno, New Balance and Under Armour!

Offering a variety of youth baseball cleats in many different styles and colours to suit your kid’s game, our youth baseball cleats are all new and all amazing with qualities like great grip, strong durability, and breathability whilst still not being too heavy for children. All of our youth baseball cleats are made from the best minds and materials, it’s all just about finding the right ones for your young ball player and their style of play.

Any questions on youth baseball cleats?

What advantages do Youth Baseball Cleats give?

For players, the game of baseball involves potentially acting with a lot of quick movements and redirections, all in a split second. Grip plays a huge part in these movements, and that is one of the primary reasons why your kids should use youth baseball cleats. Baseball cleats have spikes under their soles which allow them and their wearer to dig into the ground better and have explosive control on their movements and speed. 

Combine this factor with the protection cleats can offer when faced with a ball impact or other contact, youth baseball cleats are a no-brainer. Youth baseball cleats might be what your kids need to develop their skills properly, stay comfortable and protected, and perform the way they want.

Could I just use any sport cleats for baseball?

While yes, you could, the right answer is no, you shouldn’t! Baseball is a sport that really requires its players to be fast and agile. Sports like American football are more focussed on protection and impact. This means that football cleats are heavier and slower than baseball cleats. Soccer cleats could be closer to baseball ones, but are built differently due to how often they are used, and the protection they offer for small hard balls is not quite the same. 

In order to get the optimal performance and protection for the sport of baseball, we highly recommend you get the gear that was made for it.

How to size my kid for Youth Baseball Cleats

When choosing your kid’s youth baseball cleats, make sure that their toes are no more than a quarter inch away from the end of their cleat. The rest of their foot should fit quite tightly in the baseball cleat. You don’t want your kid’s feet too loose in the baseball cleats, as they will lose grip if their foot is moving too much inside the cleat. If you can’t find the right fit for your future superstar, try coming down 1 size:  they will break the baseball cleats in by wearing them and the constant use will eventually have the material in their cleats expand. 

You want your kid’s youth baseball cleats to have the correct amount of padding and cushion for their feet, they may need more cushion and padding if they have narrow feet to supply them with a nice, tight fit. Being comfortable is also a huge and important factor when selecting youth baseball cleats, so please consider that when discussing or fitting youth baseball cleats.