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Training Bats

B45 BSTRONG Training Bat
Sold Out
B45 BSTRONG Training Bat


$119.99 CAD

    • Royal/Red
    Rawlings Hand-Eye Youth Training Bat
    Sold Out
    Louisville Heavy Training Bat
    Sold Out
    Louisville Heavy Training Bat


    $89.99 CAD

    What are baseball training bats used for?

    Like most things in sport, proper form, muscle memory and strength are all necessary and this is no different for a perfect baseball swing. Baseball training bats are used as a tool by baseball players to enhance their form, strength, and swing technique to ultimately increase their bat speed and hit accuracy.

    Pro ballplayers are constantly improving and enhancing their skills. Training bats help to fuel your pursuit of batting excellence and provide you need with everything you need to increase your hand-eye coordination, bat speed, accuracy, both top and bottom hand strength so you can bat at your very best all of the time.

    Why shop at baseball360 for your training bat?

    We stock weighted training bats of all shapes and sizes to enhance grip and swing mechanics in players no matter what stage of their ball game they are at, from beginners to professionals. Weighted training bats with good practice will correct various batting issues no matter how long you’ve struggled with them. 

    After a while of training, these training bats will help ballplayers to develop the proper muscle memory to hit the ball stronger, faster, further and more accurately than ever before.

    We only stock baseball training bats from the best brands in this field such as B45 and Mizuno to make sure you are getting the best product for the best price to take your bat skills to the next level.