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Baseball Screens & Practice Nets

ATEC Portable L-Screen


$349.99 CAD

LS Ultimate Protective Screen
Sold Out
LS Ultimate Protective Screen


$139.99 CAD

ATEC Protective L-Screen AT7532
Sold Out
Bullet L-Screen Padded
Sold Out
Bullet L-Screen Padded


$799.99 CAD

Up your baseball game with screens & practice nets

Baseball screens protect you and also other players when you are training your pitching and catching. Using an L-shaped baseball screen means you can pitch the ball from behind the screen and also stay protected when it's batted back towards you by the batter. Meaning you can pitch and they can bat in total confidence. I-shaped screens are also a fantastic screen to use, they protect pitchers and also fielders and coaches from rouge fastballs flying around during training. 

Baseball practise nets can be used for training hitting, pitching, and also throwing. They're built in layers making them more durable and means they can stand up to heavy use for long periods of time. Steel framed practice nets are heavier and sturdier, so they're more likely to resist a strong fastball. 

Why buy a baseball screen or practice net from baseball360?

Here at baseball360, we sell baseball screens & practice nets for athletes of all ages and skill levels at any stage of their training. Our portable screens for baseball pitching and batting practice allow you to practice anywhere you like and set up in just minutes. Baseball screens are great for warmups before games, training in the backyard and general everyday practice to keep your skills up even in the off-season when there is no game time. We stock some of the best brands in this category, including ATEC and Rawlings which are also used by professional players who like to keep their skills sharp all of the time.