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Catchers Chest Protectors



About catchers chest protectors

A chest protector is a vital part of the catcher's protection and is designed and manufactured to completely protect the catcher's torso.

The chest protector covers and protects most of the front and back of the upper body. They come in different sizes and styles and have adjustable straps on each side to keep it in place on your torso so it doesn't shift and put you at risk for rogue fastball. This equipment gives you the assurance that you are covered from the bottom of your neck to your hips, including your shoulders, to protect the sensitive and vulnerable areas of your torso where a foul ball or a rogue ball could do serious damage. 

Catchers Chest Protectors Brands

Baseball360 has a wide variety of chest protectors to choose from that come in different sizes and styles. We have chest protectors from the top brands in baseball such as :