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Baseball Hitting Nets

Easton 7' XLP Net A153003


$229.99 CAD

Rukket 5x5 net
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Rukket 5x5 net


$159.99 CAD

Why train with baseball hitting nets?

Baseball hitting nets are used for training your hitting, pitching, and also throwing. They're made in layers. The more layers, the more durable and strong the net is and the longer it can stand up to frequent and heavy use. Knotless nets are usually a lot more durable than nets that are knotted, but knotted nets are easier to repair when broken. Hitting nets with steel frames are heavier and tougher, so they're less likely to be affected by a strong wind or a fastball. Polycarbonate frames are strong too but are also rustproof meaning they perform better in all weather conditions. 

When purchasing a hitting net, choose the largest size of net that will fit in your training space to allow you more square footage to practice with and less chance of rouge balls flying out of your training area, whether that be your backyard or the sidelines. Baseball hitting nets with stakes that dig into the ground are even more likely to stay upright and in place whilst practicing.

Why buy a baseball hitting net from baseball360?

Here at baseball360, we sell hitting nets for ballplayers of all ages and skill levels at any stage of their training. Our easy-setup hitting nets for baseball hitting practice allow you to practice almost anywhere you like and set up in just a matter of minutes. Baseball hitting screens are great for warmups before ball games, training in your backyard and general everyday training to keep you at the top of your game even in the off-season. We stock some of the best brands in hitting, including Rawlings which are also used by pro ballplayers who like to keep their skills sharp at all times.