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Soldier Tank Bat 1PC BBCOR

$429.99 CAD

Experience even greater heat and a lighter weight than the 2024 TANK with our Soldier Tank Bat 1PC BBCOR. Featuring Infused Power Alloy Technology and an enlarged enormous ultra hot sweet spot, this bat has received the best possible score on the BBCOR test. Its unparalleled light swing weight and new carbon fiber speed end cap make it a true speed bat designed for explosive power. Years of research and development have led to the perfect combination of speed and power, making this bat ideal for both power and contact hitters. Don't miss out on the extreme power and whip this bat offers, along with a soft comfort tack grip and full taper grip for maximum leverage.

The Official Metal Bat of Perfect Game!

  • Even Hotter and Way Lighter Than Last Years Model
  • Enlarged Enormous Ultra Hot Sweet Spot - Best Possible Score on BBCOR Test
  • Infused Power Alloy Technology
  • Very Very Light Swing Weight
  • Drop TANKS with the TANK
  • Extremely Whippy, Propels Bat through Hitting Zone.
  • Miss Hits still have Juice.
  • Taper Comfort Handle Provides Increased Control & Reduces Hand Ringing.
  • Soft Comfort Tack Grip
  • Top 2025 BBCOR in its Class.
  • Incredible Value at $311
  • The Bat Built for every hitter
  • Speed X Mass X Impact = Extreme Power
  • 2 5/8 inch Barrel
  • One Piece
  • BBCOR .50 Certified for High School & College Play
  • NCAA Approved
  • 2.5 Years of Research & Development have led to the Perfect Combination of
  • Speed & Power
  • 1 Year Warranty Covers Cracking, Severe Denting, and End Cap