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Easton Pro Col Hyb PCH-D35 11.75 2Pc Solid RHT

$249.99 CAD

The Professional Collection Hybrid gloves made by Easton are models that you will not want to miss out on purchasing. The shells of these gloves are going to combine two different types of steerhide leather: (1) The catching surfaces and inner palm linings are going to be made from very durable USA Chrome-Tanned steerhide that should also be soft to the touch. (2) Meanwhile, the backings of the gloves will be made from lightweight Japanese-Tanned Professional Reserve Steerhide that should keep the weight of the gloves down while also allowing the gloves to keep their shape. 

This specific glove is going to be one that pitchers won't be able to resist having in their baseball bag. The 11.75" length should give pitchers enough depth in the glove that they can stick their hand deep into it and conceal their wrist from the batter when gripping pitches. Because of this, batters won't be able to see the wiggling of the wrist while a pitch is being gripped and be tipped off to what the pitcher is throwing. The 2-piece closed web will also be of benefit to the pitcher because batters won't be able to peer through it and see the pitcher's fingers as they are gripping a pitch.

Lastly, even if you aren't a pitcher, you could consider using this glove out in the field at shortstop or third base. You would just want to make sure that you like the look of the closed webbing.