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Easton Baseball Gloves

Find the best deals on top of the line Easton baseball gloves on Baseball360’s premium online store! Built to last, built to play, Easton baseball gloves are practically a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a professional grade baseball glove for any level of play. From amateur to MLB, Easton baseball gloves have definitely made waves and left their mark both on and off the baseball diamond. 

Available in multiple styles, sizes, and designs, Baseball360’s offerings for Easton baseball gloves will surely have the right baseball glove for you!

Why choose Easton baseball gloves?

Easton baseball gloves are all made from the best materials available in order to provide and exceed durability and performance expectations. With a commitment to quality and innovation, all of Easton’s baseball gloves are made so you can catch baseballs the same way pros do. All of Easton’s baseball gloves are made to a professional grade standard, and come with high-performance assurances and exceptionally long-lasting durability. Made to play, Easton baseball gloves are a surefire way of confidently and expertly improving your ballgame.

Questions about Easton Baseball Gloves? 

How do I measure my baseball glove size?

To measure your baseball glove size, please consider that hand size, age, and field positions all come partly into play. Make sure you are buying the baseball glove that is right for your physical size and baseball infield role. Please note the following information below, and the accompanying chart to see which size of baseball glove may be the right fit for you.

  • Infield Gloves: If you’re playing an infield position, you’ll need a smaller glove with a shallow pocket due to the quick ball transfers an infielder may need to make.
  • Outfield Gloves: For an outfield position, you will want a larger glove with a deep pocket for more control during a catch.
  • First Base Mitts: The first base mitt is constructed as a hybrid between a 
  • catcher’s mitt and an infield glove. This is because first basemen spend much of their time catching throws or fielding ground balls.
  • Pitchers Gloves: When you’re a pitcher, you’ll use a glove nearly the same size as an infielder, but you’ll want a closed web pattern since pitchers can hide their grip to prevent the batter from seeing which pitch is signalled their way.
  • Catchers Mitts: With a catcher’s mitt, you just need to find the best feel for your hand.