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Baseball Batting Gloves

Can’t quite get the ball contact you want when swinging your bat? Is your grip getting harder to maintain the further the baseball game progresses? Sounds like you need a batting glove! With over 50 different gloves, Baseball360 has the style, design, and quality for you when it comes to batting gloves!


Advantages of Wearing Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are meant to provide a better grip and control over your swing on either wood or metal bats. Batting gloves also help decrease the amount of perspiration on a players hands, allowing for less moisture to come between the baseball players and their bats, and therefore increasing results at home plate. Any slippage in the grip can result in not contacting the baseball properly when swinging, ultimately hindering performance. 

Furthermore, batting gloves also provide a degree of protection during play, as they can lessen the sting and impact felt upon a hit and also greatly reduce the likelihood of developing blisters during play. Batting gloves could also be helpful when running bases, as they can protect hands from friction burns if performing a slide. Batting gloves are also sometimes known to be worn underneath a mitt, to help with grip and block perspiration.

How to Measure Batting Glove Size

One of the most important aspects of having proper gear is making sure it properly fits. To find the correct size for your batting glove, simply measure your hand from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger of your dominant hand. The batting glove should fit comfortably, but not be too loose or too tight. This can impact grip, lead to slippage, or hinder movement. Below is a brief size chart to determine which batting glove size is right for you!
Batting Glove Size

For reference, a small men's size batting glove would be equivalent to a medium womens batting glove, or an XL youth batting glove.