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What hand do you wear a baseball glove on?

What hand do you wear a baseball glove on?

The hand in which you should hold your baseball batting glove depends on the situation. A select minority are fortunate enough to be ambidextrous and can throw the ball with either hand. Unfortunately, not everyone has this privilege. Some are right-handed, while others have a dominant left hand. Although some gloves that may be worn on either hand have been produced expressly for ambidextrous players, the majority of gloves are meant to be worn on either the right or left hand.


What is hand orientation in baseball?

The throwing hand of a baseball or softball player is referred to as hand orientation. For instance, a player who throws with the right hand is referred to as a right-handed thrower, while one who throws with the left is a left-handed thrower.


Best Left-Handed Gloves

It can be more challenging for left-handed players to get their hands on good baseball or softball gloves, as more than 85% of people are naturally right-handed. Nevertheless, here are our top 3 lefty picks that will ensure that you can take on those right-handers.

Wilson A2000 

The Wilson A2000 is intended for left-handed outfielders. This large glove is designed for a left-handed high school, college, or adult baseball player. It has premium Pro Stock leather and "pocket perfect" Dual Welting. If you purchase this glove, keep in mind that it will need a lengthy break-in period (a few weeks).

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 

For pitchers and infielders alike, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide is an unrivaled choice. An unbelievable fit and feel are provided by the redesigned trapeze web and velvety, full-grain finger-back lining. The time it takes to get this model game ready is not quite as long as some of the other high-end designs. It comes with a 30% factory break-in. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide is not made from synthetic materials, it is crafted from genuine hide leather.

Mizuno Pro Select 11.75” Baseball 

The Mizuno Pro Select 11.75”, which is made of US Kip leather, is the Mount Rushmore of left-handed outfielders’ gloves. It feels smooth and has a clean appearance. You must check out this glove if you’re serious about baseball and want to purchase a left-handed glove.

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Pros and cons of each hand orientation

  • Defensive players benefit from throwing with their right hand as it enables them to play wherever they want to on the field. This enables young players to become more adaptable before settling into a position.
  • When it comes to defense, throwing with your left hand has several drawbacks. Even as young players, lefties are constrained in their defensive positions because the infield is arranged to favor righties. Most of the time when a shortstop fields a ground ball, he either throws the ball to first base to strike out the hitter or to second base to turn a double play. His body is already set up to throw to the right because he uses his right hand. For second and third basemen, the same is true.
  • To make the throw, a left-handed infielder would have to totally pivot his body in the other direction, and that fraction of a second can make all the difference. Lefties are typically restricted to first base and the outfield because this is not an issue there.

What hand should you wear your baseball glove on?

Right-handed players wear their gloves on their left hand and left-handed players wear their gloves on their right hand. 

Baseball players do this because they want their throwing hand to always remain free. This way, they can quickly move the ball from their non-throwing hand to their throwing hand after catching it. When buying a glove for a beginner, this can be complicated. The hand with which the player throws the ball is designated on the label of the glove, not the hand with which he collects the ball. Right-handed gloves are worn on the left hand, whereas left-handed gloves are worn on the right.


Do batting gloves go on the dominant hand?

Wearing a batting glove is best done with the top hand that is closest to the bat's end. You can put the glove on your left hand if you are right-handed, and your right hand if you're left-handed. There are no rules dictating which hand should be covered by your glove. Feel free to bat without gloves if you can hit the ball well without them. Sometimes, for a better grip, players wear batting gloves on both hands.


Is it possible to have different hand orientations for hitting and throwing? ​

Yes, it is possible to toss left-handed and hit right-handed. Actually, a lot of athletes prefer to toss right-handed and hit left-handed since they can play all positions on the field and benefit from left-handed hitting.


What is switch hitting, and what are its advantages? ​

Switch hitting is the ability that some batters have to be left-handed and right-handed hitters depending on the situation. Ambidextrous batters can change from being left-handed to right-handed. This ability has its advantages. 

When facing a pitcher that throws with the opposite hand as the batter, the hitter is better able to visualize the pitcher's release point and can start tracking the pitch more quickly. As there are more right-handed pitchers in the major leagues than left-handed pitchers, the ability to bat left-handed against right-handed pitching is advantageous.

That being said, switch hitting is not easy. It takes twice as much labor, twice as much time, twice as many cuts in batting practice, and twice as much practice. It takes extra work to prevent the right-handed swing from becoming rusty. A switch hitter may wait days or even weeks before facing a left-handed pitcher due to the rarity of the latter.

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Is it possible to be a switch thrower? ​

It takes twice as much practice to get proficient at batting and throwing from both sides. You must get in the habit of throwing equally with both hands. For instance, a right-handed thrower on your squad might practice throwing for an hour, whereas you would only get thirty minutes with each hand. 

Here is some advice if you want to become a switch thrower:

  • Practice equally with each hand.
  • Perform common chores with both hands, like brushing your teeth.
  • Start your training when you're young because being a switch thrower will get harder as you age.
  • Practice as often as you can.

How to properly wear a baseball glove

Finding your dominant hand is the first step towards determining which hand you should wear your glove on. Pick up a baseball and throw it to see if you already know whether you are right or left-handed. Your dominant side is the hand with which you typically pick up and toss the ball. After deciding, you should put your glove on the opposite hand.

Maybe you prefer to use both hands equally and that neither one is particularly more comfortable. This suggests that you are either incredibly coordinated or ambidextrous, both of which are great assets in baseball. In that case, you can decide which hand you want to wear your glove on, regardless of what your dominant hand is.


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