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B45 Bats - Top Baseball Bats by B45 in Canada

Are you finding that your baseball bats are breaking a bit too often? Swing and hit feel not quite where you want it? B45 Baseball Bats could be the perfect solution for you! 

Made from Quebec’s Yellow Birch, Baseball360’s selection of B45 Bats are both laboratory and game tested for an excellent swing feel and significantly lower baseball bat break percentage than other baseball bats. This allows B45 Baseball bats to enhance hitting performance, lower overall equipment costs, and add a degree of safety to your game. Approved for professional gameplay for more than a decade, B45 Yellow Birch Baseball Bats are hand made by former professional baseball players who know the value of swinging a high quality bat. 

Regardless of if you play baseball in the MLB or if you want to hit a mean ball in your house leagues, B45 Yellow Birch Baseball Bats are precisely handmade with quality that will most certainly be the best product choice for you!

What is a B45 Bat?

B45 Baseball Bats are handmade baseball bats that are built by former professional baseball players with the intent to have them last long and strong through the rigors of professional or amateur baseball gameplay. Made from Quebec’s Yellow Birch, B45 bats offer the best of both worlds when it comes to comparing them against either maple baseball bats or ash baseball bats. B45 Yellow Birch baseball bats are just as hard as maple baseball bats, but come with the flexibility that ash baseball bats provide. This allows them to have a much lower breakage rate, and therefore become very competitive on the field.

What Leagues can you use a B45 Baseball Bat?

Offering baseball bats as small as 25 inches or 15 ounces, B45 Yellow Birch Baseball Bats are fully capable of performing in any tier of baseball, from little league to house league to professional levels even up to MLB. Yellow Birch has been admitted for almost all levels of play, so no matter the aspiring amateur or seasoned baseball veteran, B45 Yellow Birch bats are built to play and stay.

How do I know the right baseball bat size?

To find the correct baseball bat size for you, position the bottom of the bat in the center of your chest, facing outward. The length is correct if your arm can reach out and grab the barrel of the bat. Another method is the following: if the end of the baseball bat is in the palm of your hand when you put the tip of the barrel down on the ground next to your leg, then it is of correct length. Please consider the chart below for more information: