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Baseball Batting Helmets

Worried that the opponent’s pitcher has it out for you when you are up to bat? Looking out for your kid’s developing brain during play? Simply want to protect your noggin and all your brilliant thoughts during baseball? Well look no further than Baseball360, where we have a premium selection of top quality baseball helmets for both adults and kids!

Why do I need a batting helmet for baseball?

Helmets in baseball are meant to protect the batter’s head from errant pitches from the pitcher on the mound. Meaning if a pitcher throws an off ball and it flies towards the batter, it is better that the baseball player’s head is protected from injury due to the velocity and weight of the baseball rather than not. A blunt force injury to the head in both adults and youths could lead to multiple issues, such as concussions, growth and development problems, trauma-related illnesses, and perhaps even fatal injuries. Thus, the main reason for helmets in baseball: to protect the baseball players from serious injury.


Why do baseball batting helmets cover only one ear?

The reason most baseball helmets have one flap is simple: to protect the batter’s exposed ear and side of head. As mentioned above, grievous head trauma is an injury which all baseball players and coaches would hope to avoid. Since baseball batters stand sideways in front of the oncoming pitched baseball, the flap on the helmet is there to protect the ear and side of head in direct exposure to the pitcher. In 1983 the MLB created a rule that all players must wear helmets with at least one ear flap on their baseball helmets. 

Baseball players can decide if they want to sport a baseball helmet with one or two ear flaps. Having two ear flaps on the baseball helmets is just as good as one, only now the baseball helmets with double ear flaps are usable by both righty and lefty batters since both sides of the head are covered. A cage is also a possible addition to the baseball helmet for further protection of the face, notably jaw and temple, however many baseball players can be simply found with only ear flaps as protection on their baseball helmets.


What kind of baseball helmet should I buy?

When looking for either an adult or kids baseball helmet, please consider the following before you purchase. It is very important that the baseball helmet fits your head/your kid’s head properly and does not wobble around. If it is loose and falls off during play, you lose your protection. 

Also consider making sure that the helmet has adequate ventilation and a sweat-wicking liner. Perspiration within the baseball helmet could cause discomfort, looseness and potential risk of equipment malfunction. 

Finally, whether or not you are an amateur or serious baseball player, consider making sure that the helmet is properly SEI and NOCSAE certified. NOSCAE is the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment and sets the testing and performance standards of all baseball helmet manufacturers. SEI, the safety equipment institute, is the third-party certification institute that has managed the NOCSAE certifications since 2018. The image below is a sticker you may find on both your adult baseball helmets and kids baseball helmets: