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Wood Baseball Bats

Come take a swing at over 100 top quality wood baseball bats for sale on Baseball360! With numerous companies, designs, and styles, Baseball360 has all you would need and more when it comes to top quality wood baseball bats in Canada!

About Our Wood Baseball Bats

Wood baseball bats, although not quite reaching as fast of a bat-exit speed as metal bats, still have numerous advantages and uses over other types of baseball bats. Wood baseball bats are heavier than other baseball bats, and have smaller sweet spots. This means the ball is harder to hit, and although it may not sound like it, this actually has some beneficial advantages. Practicing with a wood baseball bat forces a player to have better strike zone awareness and plate discipline. Since the baseball is harder to hit with the wooden baseball bat, due to wood baseball bats having smaller sweet spots, it requires more accuracy. A player will be able to see, feel, and hear the difference between a good and a bad hit, and using a wood baseball bat will teach better swing control as swinging on a bad pitch with a wood baseball bat will prove to give much less successful results.  

Because of the benefits when it comes to training your body using a wood baseball bat and the honest feedback it gives the hitter, a player constantly practicing with a wood baseball bat will definitely improve his or her baseball skills and strengths, and hit the baseball more efficiently. Also, due to the high levels of skill displayed at higher levels of play, wood baseball bats are the only type of baseball bat allowed to be used in high-profile leagues such as MLB. So regardless if you are an aspiring professional baseball player or just an amateur player in love with the sport of baseball, wood baseball bats are here to improve your game and get you swinging with accuracy and power in no time!

When should I use a Wood Baseball Bat?

The best way to start learning how to swing is to use a wood baseball bat. The younger the better for aspiring baseball players, but it is never too late! As described above, wood baseball bats are super helpful in honing key batting skills at the plate. Either in practice or in a real game, the more you use a wood baseball bat the more you will develop a “feel” for swinging and see your skills increase! With over 100 different wood baseball bats to choose from, Baseball360 has the bat for you!