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Wood Baseball Bats

Easton Premium Pro Birch Model E271
Easton Premium Pro Birch Model E271


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    • Black/Black
    Louisville MLB Prime Maple CB35 Bellinger
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    B45 Pro Select B271


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    B45 BSTRONG Training Bat
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    B45 BSTRONG Training Bat


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      • Royal/Red
      Louisville MLB Prime Maple C271 Patriot
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      Rawlings Bryce Harper Wood Bat BH34PL
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      Rawlings Bryce Harper Wood Bat BH34PL


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      Come take a swing at over 100 top quality wood baseball bats for sale on Baseball360! With numerous companies, designs, and styles, Baseball360 has all you would need and more when it comes to top quality wood bats in Canada!


      Why use Wood Baseball Bats?

      Wood baseball bats, although not quite reaching as fast of a bat-exit speed as metal bats, still have numerous advantages and uses over other types of baseball bats. Wood baseball bats are heavier than other baseball bats, and have smaller sweet spots. This means the ball is harder to hit, and although it may not sound like it, this actually has some beneficial advantages. Practicing with a wood baseball bat forces a player to have better strike zone awareness and plate discipline. Since the baseball is harder to hit with the wooden baseball bat, due to wood bats having smaller sweet spots, it requires more accuracy. A player will be able to see, feel, and hear the difference between a good and a bad hit, and using a wood baseball bat will teach better swing control as swinging on a bad pitch with a wood baseball bat will prove to give much less successful results.  


      When should I use a Wood Baseball Bat?

      The best way to start learning how to swing is to use a wood baseball bat. The younger the better for aspiring baseball players, but it is never too late! As described above, wood baseball bats are super helpful in honing key batting skills at the plate. Either in practice or in a real game, the more you use a wood baseball bat the more you will develop a “feel” for swinging and see your skills increase! With over 100 different wooden bats to choose from, Baseball360 has the bat for you!

      Because of the benefits when it comes to training your body using a wood baseball bat and the honest feedback it gives the hitter, a player constantly practicing with a wood baseball bat will definitely improve his or her baseball skills and strengths, and hit the baseball more efficiently. Also, due to the high levels of skill displayed at higher levels of play, wooden baseball bats are the only type of baseball bat allowed to be used in high-profile leagues such as MLB. So regardless if you are an aspiring professional baseball player or just an amateur player in love with the sport of baseball, wood bats are here to improve your game and get you swinging with accuracy and power in no time!


      What type of wood is used for baseball bats?

      Technically, any wood could be made into a baseball bat, but not all wood is created equal. When it comes to bat performance on the baseball field, there are clear winners: ash, maple, birch and composites.

      Ash baseball bats

      A great choice for line-drive hitters, an ash wood bat is a lightweight option that has a large sweet spot and flexibility that allows for great bat head speed. This type of wood is porous and has air pockets, meaning it is supple but has a higher chance of breaking than maple, for example.

      Maple baseball bats

      A much heavier option than ash, maple wood bats are dense and give power hitters the pop and the heavy feel they are looking for. They are usually end-loaded and will require a high head speed. Combined with its higher weight, maple is not the best option for younger players.

      Birch baseball bats

      Birch wood bats are another lightweight option, with the flexibility to create high head speed without being a power hitter. Birch bats are a forgiving and durable option for baseball players of all ages.

      Composite baseball bats

      Composite baseball bats try to combine the advantages of heavy and light woods in a single bat. A great option for new players, it is durable and feels like a maple bat but with the lightweight properties of woods such as ash or bamboo.


      How to choose a wood bat? What information to look for?

      THe baseball bat is one of, if not the most, important tool for any baseball player, no matter the age and the league they play in. That is why it is important to choose a bat that is perfectly fitted for you and will allow you to play at your best. Baseball 360 has compiled a list of factors to consider when shopping for your wood baseball bat.

      Choose the right material

      Birch, maple, ash: having a baseball bat made from the right wood will make a world of difference for players on the field. Make sure to choose the wood that is right for your age, strength and style of play!

      Choose a baseball bat of the right length

      Baseball bats come in various sizes, but are commonly between 24 and 34 inches. Different bat lengths will bring different advantages and limitations to players over the plate.

      • Longer bats have a greater reach and will allow you to hit balls that are on the outside of the plate. But that does not mean you should take a bat that's too long for you, as longer bats require more power and might slow you down.
      • Shorter baseball bats offer less coverage of the plate and have less potential for a huge, powerful hit. The tradeoff is a much greater control and improved timing on your strikes.

      Try to find the perfect length of baseball bats for you by trying different models. The most important element is to choose a bat that fits you and that you are comfortable using.

       Choose a baseball bat of the right weight

      When talking about baseball bats, we often refer to “weight drop”, a measure of the difference between the length of the bat in inches and its weight in ounces. Weight drop measures the feel of the bat: the higher the weight drop, the heavier the bat feels. For example, a 32-inch bat that weights 24 ounces is a -8 bat.

      Therefore, you should aim for a weight drop that allows you to reach your peak performance. Too low a weight drop and you might feel like there is no weight and power behind your swing while too high will slow you down and hurt your performances just the same. Finding a good balance is the key to hitting home runs.

      Choose a baseball bat that respects regulations

      Many leagues have regulations surrounding the weight drop, the length and the material/composition of the bats players are allowed to use, so make sure to verify that information before any purchase if you are a competitive player.