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Easton Flagship FS-H35 33.5'' CM

$189.99 CAD

The Flagship Series from Easton is going to be a really dynamic collection of gloves & mitts. The shell of this mitt is going to be made from Easton's Diamond Pro Steer material. This material is going to provide a stiff feel at the outset. Due to that stiff feel at the beginning, there is great potential for the mitt to last many seasons.

And even with high-quality leather, Easton is able to sell the Flagship models at exceptional prices that will probably attract a number of younger players and their parents. The fitting of these models will probably be more directed towards players right on the cusp of high school or older. However, if you have a younger player that is looking to make the leap from a youth-style mitt to more of an adult-style model, the Flagship Series should definitely be considered. The fitting of this mitt may be a little large to start, but the player should grow into it well and be able to use it for many seasons into the future.

Catchers will love this mitt as it will set a large target for the pitching staff! As well, it should be able to snare any errant fastballs thrown in the dirt. Plus, when you drop down to block a pitch, this mitt should be able to turn over easily and help you keep the baseball right in front of you!

  • 33.50 Inch Circumference

  • Recommended Exclusively For Use By Catchers

  • Stiffer Feel Will Require A Break-In

  • Designed To Fit A High School-To-Adult Sized Hand (However, It Will Be Attractive For Youngsters Moving Out Of Youth Mitts & Into More Adult Style Mitts)

  • Two-Piece, Closed Web

  • Made In Easton's Catcher Pattern - The Circumference Of The Mitt Is Large. Therefore, It Is Able To Set A Big Target For Pitchers & Allow For A Deep Pocket That Can Easily Handle A Baseball & Prevent The Ball From Rebounding Out Of The Mitt.

  • Shell Is Built From Diamond Pro Steer Leather

  • Cowhide Palm Lining On The Inside Of The Mitt Provides Maximum Comfort While The Hand Is In The Mitt

  • Colorway: Black | Brown | Tan Laces

  • Conventional Open Backing

  • Steerhide Leather Binding Around The Hand Opening Should Be Able To Handle The Wear & Tear Of Regular Play, Plus It Should Resist The Extra Moisture It Will Receive From Hand Sweat.

  • Pinky Loop Of The Mitt Has Been Redesigned To Ensure That Both The Pinky & Ring Finger Can Fit Into It.

  • The Wrist Backing On The Inside Of The Mitt Is Made From Sheep Wool