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Easton Hellcat Slo-Pitch Leg Guard

$149.99 CAD

Made specifically for softball, with excellent protection and mobility • TruHinge thigh guard made from 3DShox material articulates with the knee and follows your every move • Adjustable and removable internal shin pad provides extra protection and placement options • Shin extension offers an optional length adjustment for a customized fit • Three hook and loop straps and one buckle strap provide a secure fit throughout all fielding movements • Left-leg and right-leg specific molds create a great anatomical fit

The Easton Hellcat Slowpitch Leg Guard is built specifically for slowpitch players who need to move quickly and stay protected. It's loaded with top-of-the-line features like the TruHinge thigh guard, which moves fluidly with your knee while absorbing any impact through high-tech 3DShox padding. Also, the adjustable components like an internal shin pad and shin extension allow you to create the perfect fit for your body and your game. To make sure you're totally unobstructed in the field, the four-part strap system ensures that these leg guards stay firm and still throughout your fielding and throwing motion. Get more confidence in your gear so you can focus on your game -- get the Easton Hellcat Slowpitch Leg Guard today!