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Easton Legacy Elite 11.5'' A130676

$289.99 CAD

The Legacy Elite series is a combination of elite craftsmanship, high-quality leather, and industry leading features. Since 1922, Easton has improved on their designs every year and these baseball gloves continue the tradition. Each model is handcrafted out of the premier Japan Reserve leather that offers a superior structure for many seasons. Due to the high-quality leather used during construction, these Legacy Elite baseball gloves require about a 60% player break-in. Inside of each glove, Easton has also applied their hand oiled PRIMASOFT sheepskin lining to deliver ultimate comfort and control on defense. Cushioned pinky and thumb loops add to the comfort while providing an unmatched fit and feel. The USA tanned professional rawhide laces bring it all together and provide a tensile strength of 100 pounds for maximum durability. Easton: Create Your Legacy!

  • 11.50 Inch Pattern

  • 60% Player Break In

  • Colorway: Natural / Royal

  • Cushioned Pinky & Thumb Loops Provide Better Overall Fit & Feel

  • Hand Oiled PRIMASOFT Sheepskin Lining Delivers Ultimate Comfort & Control

  • I-Web

  • Japan Reserve Leather Offers Superior Structure & Durability

  • Infielder Glove

  • Rolled Leather Welting Ensures Long Lasting Structure

  • Traditional Open Back

  • USA Tanned Rawhide Laces Provide 100 Pound Tensile Strength

  • Dynamic 2X Finger Welting Creates A Perfect Pocket

  • Model #: A130 676