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Force3 Umpire Ultimate Shin Guards

$229.99 CAD

Catchers move around, strike zones don’t.

The catcher may set up for an inside pitch, but you can’t compromise the game with an inconsistent strike zone.  

In this field, positioning is everything. Stay right where you should be without fear of taking a ball in the dirt off the shins, with the Force3 Pro Gear Ultimate Umpire Shin Guards.

Even the best catchers in the world don’t block everything.


  • Designed by umpires, for umpires
  • Constructed with high-impact, military-grade Dupont™ Kevlar®.  Engineered for MAXIMUM FORCE DISPERSEMENT
  • Low-profile design includes Kevlar® laminated into the interior padding.  This allows for protection at the lightest weight possible
  • Additional comfort padding has been added to provide a cushioned barrier between your leg and the shin guard
  • Built-in ventilation system allows for greater and breathability
  • Stainless steel rivets and high-impact slimline composite buckles add to the durability and life span of the shin guards


  • PROVEN PROTECTION - Kevlar® has been used by law enforcement and the military for decades
  • ABRASION & PUNCTURE RESISTANCE - Kevlar® fiber boosts impact abrasion resistance, lessens wear, provides puncture protection and tear resistance
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Kevlar® fiber is five times stronger than steel (on an equal weight basis), providing lightweight strength without sacrificing performance or protection
  • STRONG & RUGGED - Kevlar® fiber maintains its high-performance qualities, like tensile strength, even after repeated stress and strain


CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Spot clean with damp cloth and mild detergent. Hang to dry.