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Miken 23 Primo 14'' Balanced USSSA MSU3PRMB

$329.99 CAD

The 2023 Freak Primo Balanced USSSA Bat will give you dominating power so you can crush bombs all season long. Thanks to our ultra-responsive E-Flex 360 barrel technology, you'll see the ball jump off the barrel every swing. This top level technology combined with a balanced weighitng is perfect for players who prefer a lighter swinging bat.

In addition, the new Vortex Extreme handle optimizes carbon fiber layering for the perfect amount of flex in the handle. On top of that, it allows for more responsiveness off the massive 14" barrel with a huge sweet spot and more forgiveness off mis-hits.

Every year, our Freak Primo bats are many players' top choice. Take your game to a whole new level - buy your Freak Primo USSSA bat now!