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Rawlings "Heart Of The Hide" With R2G Technology Series Baseball Glove 11 3/4"

$379.99 CAD

No glove out there exemplifies baseball lore quite like the Rawlings Heart of the Hide. When you see a glove that has the famed snorting bull in the palm, you know that you are dealing with baseball glove greatness!

Rawlings constructs the shell of their Heart of the Hide gloves with top-grade U.S. Steerhide and this material will be able to handle the rigors of a grueling high school, college or summer season. And to match the shell's quality, the glove's hand slot is made from a deer-tanned cowhide that will be extra comfortable on a player's hand!

The 11.75" length & I-Web of this glove are both features seen on the glove used by Francisco Lindor of the New York Mets. The materials and color of his glove will differ from this one, but the length and web will match. As well, this glove works great on the left side of the infield for shortstops and third basemen!

Lastly, this is an R2G (Ready 2 Go) model that should only require 35% of the break-in to be done by the player after they receive it. As long as you give the glove some attention, it should be ready to take into a game pretty quickly!