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Silverback Ballistic Hitting Plyo Ball Set

$99.99 CAD
Each Ballistic Hitting Set Includes (2 of Each Weight Listed Below):
  • 12 oz. (Black)
  • 11 oz (Charcoal)
  • 9 oz. (Dark Grey)
  • 7 oz. (Light Grey)
  • Carry bag to store and transport
THE Ballistic Ball is unmatched in dependability and durability, designed to withstand hundreds of swing! Ballistic Hitting Balls are engineered for the most rigorous hitting sessions in today's game! For best care, use the Ballistic Hitting Ball Set on grass or turf surfaces. Generate insane amounts of bat speed and power with the confidence in knowing our Ballistic Hitting Balls can handle the force you need/want to exert! Ballistic Hitting Balls feature reduced-flight technology so you can also use them virtually anywhere at the ball park for batting practice!