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Soldier Tank Bat 2PC USSSA -10

$479.99 CAD

Unleash Your Power with the Soldier Tank -10 USSSA Baseball Bat

Step up to the plate with confidence and unleash your full potential with the Soldier Tank -10 USSSA Baseball Bat! Crafted for the modern player, this bat merges advanced technology and top-tier craftsmanship to give you a winning edge.

Why Choose the Soldier Tank?

Optimized Performance: The Soldier Tank -10 features an ultra-balanced swing weight, minimizing the Moment of Inertia (MOI) for lightning-fast bat speed. Its 2 3/4 inch barrel and two-piece, all-composite construction deliver unmatched performance.

Cutting-Edge Technology: With over 2.5 years of meticulous research and development, this bat is engineered to blend speed and power seamlessly. The 7312 Trampoline Composite ensures an exceptional trampoline effect for maximum energy transfer and power with every hit.

Enhanced Swing: The Power Connector technology creates an extreme whip, boosting your swing speed and force. Paired with a full taper handle for increased control and precision, you’ll experience smoother handling and precise adjustments.

Superior Comfort: Say goodbye to hand sting with the vibration-dampening polymer integrated into the handle, providing a comfortable grip even in the most intense games. The carbon fiber speed end cap also contributes to a lighter swing feel and faster bat speed.

Dominate the Field: Whether you seek speed, power, or control, the Soldier Tank -10 USSSA Baseball Bat delivers it all. Elevate your game and dominate the competition with this essential tool in your arsenal.

Get ready to transform your game with the Soldier Tank -10 USSSA Baseball Bat – where technology meets performance for the serious player.