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Wilson 2024 A2K Ozzie Albies Game Model (IF) 11.5 WBW101629115

$499.99 CAD

Expertly crafted in collaboration with electric Atlanta second baseman Ozzie Albies, the A2K® OA1 Game Model glove is 11.5" in size, ensuring maximum control and precision at second base, third base, or shortstop. This glove features gap welting, a powerful technique where palm leather is folded between the index and middle fingers, resulting in a stabilized pocket. In addition, Navy Blue SuperSnakeSkin™ is incorporated to reduce weight and allow for quick turns. Each glove is meticulously handcrafted in Japan, with Flawless Red Pro Stock® Select leather triple-sorted across the palm and H-Web for a flawless and long-lasting feel. Furthermore, the Double Palm Construction adds an extra layer of leather between the palm and liner, maintaining the glove's shape and providing secure fielding for every ground ball, pop-up, and line drive. Elevate your game with the elite performance and superior comfort of the Wilson 2024 A2K Ozzie Alb