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Rawlings Ash Fungo Ash, 35

$69.99 CAD
Calling all coaches and parents! Rawlings has released a new fungo bat for this season and beyond. Constructed from Northern ash wood, these fungo bats offer a soft, flexible feel that allows swing after swing without fatigue. Plus, each fungo comes with a cupped barrel to help remove some of the excess weight from the end which allows for an extremely well-balanced and lightweight design. It is recommended for use in both infield and outfield practice where ground balls and pop flys are needed on a consistent basis. Due to the extra long length, fungo bats are easy to control and swing with little effort. If you're looking to take your training or practice to the next level then you need to invest in a Rawlings fungo bat.

This Rawlings Northern Ash Wood Fungo Bat (114RAF) features a 35-inch length and a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter. With a natural barrel and a black handle, you'll swing with confidence knowing you have a classic looking fungo bat in your hands.