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Rawlings Gold Glove Club March 2023 Heart of the Hide 11.75 RPRO205-19CBSH

$369.99 CAD
The Rawlings Gold Glove Club Baseball Glove of the month for March 2023 is the perfect pick for infielders looking to up their game. Featuring an 11 ¾” 200 pattern, this glove is specifically designed to offer optimal control and precision on the field.

Crafted from Rawlings’ legendary Heart of the Hide® leather, the PRO205-19CBSH model is built to last, with unparalleled durability and comfort. The X-laced single post web provides added flexibility, making it easier for infielders to field and throw the ball with speed and accuracy.

But it’s not just the glove’s exceptional performance that sets it apart. The PRO205-19CBSH is also a stunning piece of equipment, featuring a unique sherry and Columbia blue color combination that is sure to turn heads. The sherry colored Rawlings embroidered patch logo adds the perfect finishing touch, making this glove a true work of art.