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Rawlings "Pro Preferred" Series Baseball Glove 11 1/2 PROSNP4-7CW

$479.99 CAD

The Pro Preferreds have a reputation that certainly precedes them. When one simply hears the name “Pro Preferred”, they know that they are dealing with baseball glove excellence.

Kip Leather is the material that is used to build the shell of the glove. And when compared to other high-quality leather materials, many glove aficionados feel that the break-in on Kip Leather items can be a little quicker. That being said, we would still recommend planning for a pretty lengthy break-in to get this thing ready for games. But if you see the break-in through, you’ll be very happy with what you have once the glove is ready to take into a game.

As well, the inside palm lining of the glove is made from sheepskin leather that is tanned by Pittards leather company. Having that material on the inside of the glove will create a very comfortable experience when wearing this glove.

This 11.5-inch glove is a true testament to understated swagger. It has a covert black shell. However, the blue patches and stitching make the glove an absolute standout. No matter if you are using this glove at 2B, SS or 3B; opposing runners are going to be stopping on their way around the bases just to compliment this beautiful baseball glove.