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Wilson 2024 A2K 1786 Infield Glove 11.5'' WBW101373115

$499.99 CAD

The Wilson 2024 A2K 1786 Infield Glove is a top choice for any baseball player. Its classic design, featuring Blonde & Black Pro Stock® Select leather, is triple-sorted for a flawless feel and long-lasting durability. Handcrafted by experts in Japan, this 11.5" glove includes Double Palm Construction to maintain its shape and a shallow pocket for quick transfers and sure outs. With an H-Web design, second basemen, third basemen, and shortstops can confidently take endless repetitions and secure ground balls or line drives on the infield dirt. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your game with the Wilson A2K 1786 Infield Glove!