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Worth Krecher 13.5'' XL USSSA WSU3KRL

$329.99 CAD

If you want to be a power hitter, the 2023 KReCHeR XL USSSA bat is built for you. Its 13.5-inch X434 barrel is constructed from advanced carbon fiber materials to extend the sweet spot and maximize performance out of the wrapper. As a result, you'll be able to mash balls and show off your power with ease.

In addition, the Flex 60 handle is engineered to optimize whip and feel for faster swing speeds and more pop. It also features a .5-ounce end load for added mass in the end of the barrel, giving you extra power. Lastly, the smaller opti-grip knob provides a more comfortable feel.

This 2023 KReCHeR XL bat will help you unleash your inner beast. Become a KReCHeR at the plate and dominate your USSSA league.

  • Barrel Diameter:
    2 1/4 in
  • Barrel Length:
    13.5 in
  • Certification:
  • Frame:
  • Handle:
    Flex 60
  • Knob:
    Opti Grip Knob
  • Material:
  • Series:
  • Technology:
    X434 Barrel
  • Usage:
  • Warranty:
    1 Year
  • Year Released: